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Medically Supervised Diets Specialist
Medically-supervised diets help patients maintain optimal nutrition so they can avoid serious diseases, manage existing conditions and enjoy better health. At SurgiThin in West Hills, CA, Dr. Paya uses in-depth patient evaluations to create custom eating plans aimed at achieving optimal nutrition and wellness in patients throughout the San Fernando Valley region.

Medically Supervised Diets Q & A

What is a medically-supervised diet?

Medically-supervised diets are eating plans that are created based on a patient's specific medical needs, and adjusted by the doctor over time to accommodate the changing needs of the patient. Many patients suffer from eating- or nutrition-related diseases and disorders, including metabolic diseases like diabetes. A medically-supervised diet uses medical testing, a physical exam and a patient health history to identify all the issues that should be addressed through optimized nutrition. In addition to losing weight as needed, patients can also benefit by learning how to make healthy food choices that can help them decrease their risks of developing specific diseases and disorders as well as reduce symptoms of existing diseases.

What role does nutrition play in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight?

Nutrition is directly related to every bodily function as well as the health of organs, bones, muscles and other tissues. Men and women make poor nutritional choices for lots of reasons, including the demands of a busy lifestyle that results in an increase in the consumption of “convenience” foods as well as long-established patterns of eating and food preferences that often date back to childhood. Chronic stress and anxiety can also contribute to poor nutritional choices. Medical studies have linked excess weight and poor nutrition to many serious acute and chronic health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis, immune system disorders, depression, gastrointestinal disorders, and some types of cancer. Optimizing nutrition helps patients optimize their health, so they can avoid disease or reduce the risk of developing diseases in the future.

How is a medically-supervised diet better than a do-it-yourself or commercial diet program?

Medically-supervised diets are customized for each patients medical and nutritional needs, as well as their preferences and habits, to ensure the best results. DIY and commercial diet plans are based on broad concepts without taking the individual patient into account. Plus, because medically-supervised eating plans rely on physical examination and testing, patients won't risk nutritional deficiencies common with many commercial and DIY plans, and medically-supervised plans can be easily adjusted based on the evolving needs of the patient.

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