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Are you tired of trying to lose weight without success? With the help of New York’s Dr. Gina Sam, MD, MPH, you can say goodbye to diet pills, premade foods, and expensive powder mixes that don’t work, and hello to a system that does. With OrberaⓇ, you get the time and support you need to learn healthy eating habits that can help you lose the weight and change your life for good. To learn more about this 12-month, temporary managed weight loss system, call Dr. Sam’s office today or go online to book your initial consultation.

OrberaⓇ Q & A

What is Orbera?

Orbera is a temporary physician-managed weight loss system that helps you get in the best shape of your life and stay there. Orbera is not a cheat, but rather a tool that gives you the necessary time to break bad eating habits and develop new, healthier habits that support weight loss and weight management.


The Orbera system combines the temporary use of a gastric balloon with the support of a dietician and health coach who help you gain control over what you eat, as well as how and when. With the help of the Orbera team, you learn to manage your hunger and weight, reprogramming your brain to recognize the differences between eating when you’re hungry and eating because you’re bored or emotional.

How does Orbera work?

Orbera is a 12-month system that’s designed to support you while you develop new healthy habits, giving you time to adjust so that these habits stay with you for the rest of your life. The process begins with an initial consultation with Dr. Sam in which she reviews your case, talks to you about your previous attempts at weight loss, and discusses the Orbera system.


If Orbera is right for you, a deflated gastric balloon is placed in your stomach. Once in place, the balloon is inflated to approximately the size of a grapefruit, taking up space in your stomach and making you feel fuller sooner. The balloon physically limits the amount of food you can eat without feeling stuffed and uncomfortable, allowing you to develop habits that support a lifetime of health and wellness.


After six months, your healthy habits are well established. The balloon is removed, but your habits stay and your weight loss journey continues.

What support is offered with Orbera?

About a month after your balloon placement, you’re assigned an Orbera coach, with whom you meet monthly to discuss any issues or troubles you’re having. Your coach helps you through the difficult times and motivates you when you need it. Although you have scheduled monthly meetings, you can email your coach 24/7, whenever you need them.


You also work with an Orbera dietitian who teaches you about proper portions, calorie intake, and getting the macro- and micronutrients your body needs to reach optimal nutrition.


To see if Orbera is right for you, book an appointment online or call Dr. Sam’s office today.



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