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What if there were a magic switch you could flip to lose three times as much weight and learn healthy portion control? Mahbod (Mark) Paya, MD, and his expert staff at SurgiThin don’t have a switch, but they do have a nonsurgical way to do exactly that. ORBERA® is a reversible weight loss procedure that uses a gastric balloon to help you transform your body. Learn more by calling SurgiThin or booking your appointment online at their two convenient California location in West Hills, serving the San Fernando Valley.

OrberaⓇ Q & A

Proven Safety. Proven Effectiveness. It’s The World’s #1 Weight Loss Balloon For A Reason. Reach new patients with a wide range of ORBERA® marketing assets and educate them on the world-leading intragastric balloon.



The average person loses 3x more weight than diet & exercise alone.

Orbera is a minimally invasive weight loss solution to help your patients lose 20-50 pounds.

Nearly 300,000 gastric balloons have been distributed worldwide. 

What is ORBERA?

ORBERA is a soft silicone gastric balloon. By inflating this balloon in your stomach for six months, you can teach your body portion control while unlocking incredible weight loss results. In fact, ORBERA is the leading weight loss balloon and has helped thousands of people lose millions of pounds. On average, people who choose ORBERA lose three times more weight than those who exercise and diet without the support of ORBERA.

What’s more, ORBERA can be placed in a completely surgery-free procedure.

How does ORBERA work?

Once ORBERA is placed in your stomach in a nonsurgical procedure, it is inflated to the size of a grapefruit. You keep ORBERA in place for six months. During this time, you can expect dramatic weight loss results. The shape and size of this gastric balloon are specifically designed to help you lose weight and learn healthy eating habits. As a result, ORBERA isn’t just a temporary solution.

While it occupies space in your stomach, it gives you the opportunity to transform the way you eat and learn healthy portion control. Equipped with this corrected way of eating, you can sustain your weight loss results long after the balloon is removed at the six-month mark.

What can I expect during my ORBERA procedure?

Besides its ability to dramatically transform your body, one of the best things about ORBERA is the simplicity of its placement. You can get this leading gastric balloon placed without any surgery.

After checking that your body is ready for ORBERA through an endoscopy, Dr. Paya will insert the deflated balloon into your stomach via your esophagus. He will then use a syringe to fill it with a sterile saline solution until it reaches the size of a grapefruit. This entire process takes about 20 minutes, during which you will be mildly sedated to ensure your comfort. You can rest for a few hours afterward, then head home the same day to begin your weight loss journey!

Are you interested in learning more about ORBERA, the leading gastric balloon? If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, call SurgiThin, or schedule your appointment online today.