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Weight Loss Consultation Specialist

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Weight loss is important for optimal health and wellness as well as for improving self-esteem and self-confidence. At SurgiThin in West Hills, CA, Dr. Paya offers weight loss consultation appointments to help patients from throughout the San Fernando Valley area set and achieve their weight loss goals with custom plans based on their needs.

Weight Loss Consultation Q & A

What is a weight loss consultation?

Weight loss consultation is an important part of any weight loss program, helping patients set firm goals and understand all their options for achieving those goals. Many patients seeking information about medical weight loss programs have had repeated failures when attempting to lose weight on their own, either with DIY plans or using commercial weight loss programs. A weight loss consultation can help patients understand the best way to lose weight based on their needs so they can overcome feelings of failure and frustration and learn about safe and effective approaches to weight loss that are designed to work for their unique needs.

What does a weight loss consultation involve?

During a weight loss consultation office visit, patients will receive a complete physical examination and their personal and family medical histories will be reviewed to look for factors that could be contributing to weight issues or interfering with weight loss so they can be addressed. In addition, lab work will be ordered either during the appointment or prior to the office visit to provide additional in-depth information about the health and wellness of the patient. All of this information will be used to create a custom plan of weight loss and weight management to help the patient enjoy optimal health.

Is a weight loss consultation only performed for patients considering bariatric surgery?

No, weight loss consultation appointments are ideal for any patient seeking to lose weight, especially for patients seeking to lose a large amount of weight or for those who have had problems losing weight or maintaining weight loss in the past. While weight loss consultations re essential for any patient considering bariatric surgery for weight loss, they can also be extremely helpful for patients interested in non-surgical options like medically-supervised dieting that focuses on optimizing nutrition to the needs of each patient. Weight loss consultation is also important for people who are overweight and have weight-related medical issues like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

Accepted Insurance Plans

We are pleased to be able to accept all PPO insurance plans (e.g. Blue Cross, Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, Healthnet, etc.) that cover weight loss surgery. Patients with PPO insurance can see us without needing a referral or prior authorization. We also accept some HMO insurance plans. Patients with HMO insurance will need to first consult with their primary care physician to obtain a referral to see us. To learn if your health insurance coverage will pay for your surgery, and what your insurance authorization requirements are, please call our office or send us an online contact form.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Health Net
UnitedHealthcare (except United Community Care Plan)