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Other Medical Weight Loss

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Achieving your target body weight is a key factor to achieving optimal physical and mental well-being, but weight loss isn’t as simple as it seems without medical intervention. At SurgiThin in West Hills, California, Dr. Paya offers other medical weight loss solutions in addition to weight loss injections and bariatric surgery. Schedule an evaluation at SurgiThin by phone or request one online today.

Other Medical Weight Loss Q & A

What medical weight loss treatments are available?

SurgiThin specializes in bariatric surgery, weight loss injections, and other medical weight loss procedures that help you achieve your ideal body weight and maintain it long-term. The practice tailors each treatment to your lifestyle, preferences, and goals. 

Other medical weight loss treatments are an option for patients who would like to avoid surgery, invasive medical procedures, and injections. Or you might need other medical weight loss solutions in addition to shots and surgery, especially for long-term healthy weight management. 

Is medical weight loss right for me?

Your weight loss specialist customizes a weight loss plan that’s right for you after reviewing your medical history and current weight, checking your vital signs, completing a physical exam, ordering lab work, and discussing your desired results. You may be a candidate for more than one type of medically supervised weight management solution.

Which other medical weight loss options might I choose?

SurgiThin offers the following other medical weight loss treatments:

Weight loss consultations

SurgiThin provides weight loss consultations that help you set firm goals and understand all your options pertaining to medical weight loss treatments. After completing an initial meeting with a specialist, they have a better idea of your needs to help you overcome past weight loss barriers and achieve long-lasting success. 

Medically supervised diets

Medically supervised diets are customized eating plans created by a medical specialist. SurgiThin’s experts adjust the plans based on your specific medical needs, whether you’ve struggled with an eating or nutrition-related disorder, diabetes, or another chronic disease, and provide healthy eating education.

Medical weight loss monitoring 

Medical weight loss at SurgiThin is based on an in-depth understanding of your unique needs and desired outcomes. Its skilled providers find the root cause of failed weight loss attempts and correct nutritional deficiencies, unhealthy habits, or other factors that prevent you from reaching your goals.

Your provider follows up periodically to ensure your weight loss program is effective and alters it whenever necessary. 

Schedule an evaluation at SurgiThin by phone or request one online today to determine which other medical weight loss options are right for you.